World of ceramic artist Kumamoto Yoshitaka


The graceful World of Ceramic Art has been created in the most exquisite ways of Yoshitaka’s “saimon” (varieties of beautiful crests). Gorgeousness and unfathomable profundity are produced by applying to earthenware the illustrated handscrolls of the Heian Period, the Rin school patterns and stamped floral patterns. Yoshitake’s true worth is shown in the unique and characteristic forms, on which the surface is colored with red, white, blue “saideis” and glazed azure as well as gold. The ceramist has won the grand-pix for a lot of works, some of which were garnered in the public collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. You will see the richness in shape over functionality, being invited to the World of Ceramics where blossomed are a variety of beautiful crests.